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Charter and Airport Shuttle services in India
Through its onshore "Birdie" division, GVHL offers charter and airport shuttle services throughout the country.

Birdie Airport Shuttle Service

You no longer have to suffer stressful traffic jams lasting two or three hours getting to and from Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), which is 40 km from the city centre. Just hop on Birdie at the HAL airport and hop off at BIAL. You can take Birdie from BIAL to four main locations: HAL airport, Whitefield, Electronic City, and Mysore.

Birdie operates twin-engine helicopters with modified seating of 9 Pax. It offers a VIP seating configuration that is spacious and extremely comfortable. Birdie will soon extend its shuttle services to cities across India. We at Birdie believe that our success is built on the highest standards of safety, quality, and integrity.

Customized Services

  • Corporate services: Quick intercity shuttle services for corporate and business people.

  • Business promotion: A Sky Promotion service gives you an opportunity to catch the attention of consumers and letting your brand soar-literally!

  • Political rallies: Birdie offers more bases in India than any other helicopter service. Birdie is the fastest way to reach a city destination during a rally.

  • Tourism: Don't let flight delays ruin your holiday. Birdie has tied up with tourism boards and hospitality companies that offer excellent holiday packages to select destinations across India. This means that you can reach your destination directly from your city so that you spend the least amount of time travelling and the maximum time holidaying. If you want to do heli-skiing, you will be happy to know that the Eurocopter helicopter is capable of landing on Mount Everest.

  • Pilgrimage: Birdie helps you travel quickly and directly to select pilgrimage sites.

  • Geophysical survey: Birdie's specialized service is helmed by a panel of highly skilled and experienced pilots. Special helicopters equipped with the latest electromagnetic sensors carry out these highly specialized tasks with precision and accuracy for clients such as multinational mining companies and government organizations.

  • Power-line cleaning: Birdie's experienced pilots perform this highly specialized task, requiring great precision and accuracy, for government organizations.

  • Emergency Services: Specially equipped helicopters offer emergency rescue and evacuation services that are indispensable for disaster management in the event of a calamity. Birdie has customized helicopters that can handle any emergency situation.

  • Aerial Photography: Birdie caters to all filming and photography requirements. We can provide helicopters with or without doors or windows. We can install an Ultra media 2 or similar camera on the exterior of the aircraft.

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