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About Vectra Glosec Pvt. Ltd.

Vectra Glosec focuses on providing state of the art 'integrated security solutions' to various industries. VGPL has exclusive technology partners who are world leaders in their respective fields.

Vectra and its partners now provide cutting-edge technology solutions in the field of security, offering consultancy, design, manufacture and installation of integrated security solutions, specifically designed for each individual application.

All solutions are tailored to specific requirements based on the threat level conceived and these solutions vary from conventional stand alone systems to complex IP based solutions.

Some of the areas in which solutions offered are:

  • Perimeter security solutions

  • CCTV systems for surveillance

  • Access Control

  • Under vehicle scanning systems

  • Biometrics

  • Baggage & Cargo scanning systems

  • Metal, narcotics & explosive detectors

  • Traffic control systems

  • Night vision devices

  • Mobile phone Jammers

  • Consultancy in Security


Registered Office:
Vectra Glosec Pvt. Ltd.
Vectra House
No. 15 1st Main Road,
6th Cross Gandhinagar
Bangalore 560 009
Ph:+91 80 41290011
Fax: +91 80 41516422

For Further detail please visit us at www.vectraglosec.com

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