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About Hlboka 7

Where 19th-century elegance meets 21st-century luxury

Hlboka 7 s.r.o. purchased a heritage building in the heart of Bratislavia, Slovakia. The restoration and reconstruction of this building began in August 2008.

Hlboka 7 is a development that consists of 27 luxury apartments, a spa and three restaurants.


Each flat has been skillfully redesigned to retain the buildings original size and elegance, while incorporating modern facilities, such as under-floor heating, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchens, marble flooring, and the latest in wiring and cabling. The building has been fortified with state-of-the-art, 24/7 security.


The spa is equipped with the latest steam and sauna facilities, a plunge pool, massage treatment rooms, and exercise equipment. 7 SPA offers a soothing retreat where genuine care and comfort are provided, along with the healing touch of traditional and modern therapies.


This luxury complex will have three restaurants, of which two are already open: Bacchus, the famous Slovakian wine cellar, which has been completely redesigned, and Benihana, a Japanese restaurant. Hlboka 7 acquired the franchise to open and operate a Benihama restaurant in eastern Europe. The teppanyaki restaurant is the first of its kind in Slovakia. This chain of Japanese restaurants is well known for marrying authentic Japanese cuisine and entertainment by Teppanyaki chefs, who are renowned entertainers of the culinary world-magicians, comedians, and jugglers of salt and pepper shakers-all in a spectacular dining performance, with the meal being expertly prepared and cooked to perfection on a steel grill, right before the guests.

Hlboka 7 development is the first of its kind in Bratislavia and will set a new standard of elegance and luxury in the country. It has been designed by interior designers from the UK. The building, its restaurants, and its facilities are managed by highly trained staff.

Restaurant and 7Spa
Petra Tureckova, Sales and Marketing Manager
Email: petra.tureckova@hlboka7.com
Mobile: +421 (0) 904772000

Apartment Enquiries
Petra Tureckova, Sales & Marketing manager
Email: petra.tureckova@hlboka7.com
Mobile: +421 (0) 904 772 00

Website: www.hlboka7.com

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