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About Fly Vectra

Fly Vectra is an aircraft operator based at London Oxford Airport. The company obtained its Air Operator's Certificate in February 2012, within six months of applying to the UK CAA, achieving a ‘compliance plus' rating.

Initially offering a Cessna Citation Excel for third party charter, the seven-seat jet will be joined by two brand new aircraft, a eight seat Cessna XLS+ with Wifi, due to arrive by May 2012 and a Latitude, Cessna's newest, mid-size 2,300 nm range model, scheduled to make its debut in 2015. Fly Vectra will be the first UK operator of this type.

Being under 10 tonnes, the aircraft will rarely need to be screened in Europe making for easier, stress free business jet operations at most airports around Europe. "We selected London Oxford Airport as our base for a number of reasons," said Chief Executive, Captain Edward Noel,. "Its owners are constantly investing in its facilities, including new hangars and offices; it has seen its business aviation activity increase significantly over the years, it has a strong network of business aviation tenants and is pro-active with its marketing/PR."

Fly Vectra provides all flight operations support and management and work in the aircraft owner's best interests with the strictest privacy and confidentiality. The services rendered under Fly Vectra's Aircraft Management Agreement include in-house flight planning and scheduling, flight crew staffing, line operations, maintenance services and hangarage for the aircraft along with insurance, accounting and administrative services.

Catreus Ltd
Building 510, Churchill Way,
Biggin Hill Airport, Kent TN16 3BN
Tel: +44 (0)1293 825036
Website: www.flyvectra.com

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