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What is S1000D?

S1000D is an international specification for the production of technical documentation.

This specification has been produced to establish standards for the documentation of any civil or military vehicle or equipment. It is based on international standards such as SGML/XML and CGM for the production and use of interactive electronic documentation (IETM).

S1000D defines a CSDB (Common Source Data Base), which provides source information for the compilation of publications and for use in electronic logistics information systems for delivering information modules directly to the user.

Benefits of S1000D
Provides consistent, accurate, and reliable information
Offers common requirements for data exchange and system development across
Facilitates sharing, re-use, and management of data
Enables use of SGML / XML technologies for development and implementation
Allows generation of many different output forms from a single data source, thus
   ensuring consistency of data delivered to users
Offers cost savings associated with reuse of information (versus recreating new
   information each time)
Facilitates configuration control
Reduces maintenance costs for technical information and cuts overall product
   lifecycle costs
Allows sub-sets of information to be generated to meet specific user needs
Facilitates transfer of information and electronic output between disparate IT
Allows the S1000D data module concept to be applied to legacy data


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