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Technical Documentation Services - Authoring

Vectra has a dedicated Technical Authoring team with extensive industry experience. Adherence to quality standards and respect for schedules are the two factors that define productivity at Vectra IT and make its Technical Authoring team highly competitive in the business today. The domain expertise of the team extends from industrial equipment to aviation. The team is ably led by an experienced delivery head, who ensures timely execution and delivery of all projects.

The team is not only highly experienced, but also extremely competent in executing a variety of projects such as:
Structured / unstructured authoring
Legacy conversion
SGML / XML coding as per S1000D / ATA iSpec 2200 standards
Graphics integration
Hotspot linking
3D interactive model integration
Multi-channel publishing

The team has considerable experience in the following software:
Adobe Frame Maker
MS Word

The team possesses vast technical experience in the following domains:
Power plants


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