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Technical Documentation Services - Illustrations

Vectra IT’s dynamic and experienced team delivers standard-based drawings. Fully conversant with the rigorous S1000D standards, Vectra IT’s illustration team has been serving satisfied international clients efficiently and professionally. A process-centric work environment and a comprehensive monitoring system ensure that each drawing measures up to the expectations and pre-defined quality levels set by the client.

The services we offer our clients include:
Raster-to-vector conversion
New illustrations
Hardcopy reference
3D model reference
Modification of old illustrations
Upgrading to standard-based illustrations
Hotspot generation
CGM / SVG / 2D and 3D PDF delivery
Adherence to S1000D / ATA iSpec 2000 standard-based illustrations

Vectra’s Technical Illustration team offers services in the following software:
ISO Draw
Corel Technical Suite


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