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Technical Documentation Services - Backend Data Development

Backend data are the building blocks of an SGML/XML document. They define the document structure with a list of elements. Backend data make all your products similar and consistent.

Vectra IT Solutions helps in designing, developing, and modifying backend data as per the customer’s requirements.

Vectra IT Solutions has core competence in the following areas as part of its backend data development services:

Design and development of DTD (Document Type Definition) for structured
   authoring in ArborText Epic Editor.

Modifying or tailoring DTD as per the customer’s requirements.

Design and development of FOSI (Formatting Output Specification Instance) files
   to support structured authoring output.

Design and development of EDD (Element Definition Document) for structured
   authoring in Frame Maker.

Defining structure for MS Word output deliverables.

Design, development, and incorporation of hotspot linkage data as per
   the customer’s requirement.

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