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About Vectra IT Solutions (P) Limited
VECTRA IT SOLUTIONS, has created a space for itself in the highly competitive world of technical documentation and CBT services, while meeting the diverse IT needs of all the companies of VECTRA.

VECTRA IT, already known internationally for its high-quality professional work, enjoys an excellent reputation among its European clients.

Technical Documentation Services
An experienced team of technical authors, illustrators, 3D modelers, and documentation specialists provides comprehensive technical documentation services to support the engineering, manufacturing, automobile, and aviation industries.

Vectra IT provides end-to-end Technical Documentation Services
Technical Authoring
3D Product Documentation
Backend Data Development


Computer Based Training Services
Vectra IT offers interactive CBT development services for industrial training in various domains.

CBT solutions from Vectra offer the latest in audiovisual interactivity, actively engaging participants and making the training process a joyful learning experience. Designed to replicate the industrial processes on the desktop, these CBT solutions reduce training time and enhance training efficiency.

Vectra IT provides complete CBT solutions with the following components
Instructional design
High-end 3D modeling and animation
Audio-video capture, edit and special effects
Interactive 3D

What is S1000D?


Samples of Videos made by Vectra IT

EC-155 Bell-412 with GVHL Offshore EC-135 AS-350-B3
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